A hive of bees is a perfect example of a community working together in harmony and for the
common good of all its members. After all, a bee living alone can barely survive, let alone
prosper. But in a hive made up of hundreds of other bees, each taking responsibility for the
various jobs necessary for the survival of the community, the lone bee not only survives, it
contributes mightily to the success of the hive.

The secret of the bee’s success in living together in a close-knit community is that each bee not
only understands the interrelationships that exist between it and the rest of the members of its
community, but is willing to accept some of the responsibility for the hive’s prosperity by
expanding their role in the community whenever necessary.

As homeowners, we too can choose to recognize the interrelationships that exist between ourselves
and our neighbors and how those interrelationships have a direct impact on our quality of life. We
can also choose to take some of the responsibility upon ourselves to contribute to improving those
relationships and in the process improve our community.

In order for our community association to continue to protect, preserve and enhance our community
assets and our property values, each member of our community has to acknowledge their role in our
community and, at times, be willing to expand their role to take on some added responsibility.

For example: We all must obey our governing documents, we agreed to do that when we closed escrow.
By obeying community rules and regulations, we contribute to our community and accept the role of a
rule abiding member. Each year we conduct an Annual Meeting at which time we elect our Board of
Directors, although we don’t have to participate in the election process, choosing to do so
contributes to the success of our community. Our role as a rule abiding member expands to include
that of a voting member. We also have the opportunity to attend our Board of Directors meetings in
order to better understand the business decisions made by the Board. When we choose to attend those
meetings, our role as a rule abiding, voting member now expands to include that of a participating
member. And when we choose to serve on community committees or the Board of Directors, we accept
another role and become a rule abiding, voting, participating and contributing member.

So, let’s all work at recognizing what roles we can choose to accept in our community and, like the
bee, work together at making our community the best place to live that it can be!